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Farm Fresh Milk in Returnable Glass Bottles 

From Our Family To Yours

Our family takes great pride in the milk we produce. We are sure your family will enjoy it as much as ours!  We believe our milk tastes better because we seal the freshness into the glass bottles. Our products are pasteurized and homogenized in our bottling facility, located on our farm. Our milk does not get hauled in tankers and does not wait several days to be bottled. Our milk is on the shelf within 24-48 hours of being produced.  Our milk is produced and processed on our family farm, which gives the best quality product possible in the best container possible: glass.

Go Green With Returnable Glass Bottles​

Millions of plastic milk bottles are wasted each day. By using our glass, reusable and returnable bottles, you can help stop environmental waste! The glass bottles preserve the fresh taste and keep the milk colder. Unlike paper cartons or plastic jugs, glass imparts no foreign flavors or odors.  Just rinse and return the bottle to any participating store to receive your deposit, or exchange it for a bottle of fresh milk!   

Produced Without the Use of Artificial Hormones

Our milk is produced without the use of artificial hormones.  Unlike most companies, we know exactly where our cows live and breathe, and what they eat every day! This way, we can be sure our milk is healthy and full of nutrition!   Several people have contacted us to let us know they are lactose intolerant, but they can drink our milk without any ill effects.

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